Meet Lauren

Hi! My Name is Lauren, founder of From Nature to Nurtured. Perinatal Health has been a growing passion of mine that started with my doula sister and blossomed as I began to have birth experiences of my own which brought me here! As a Pregnancy & Postpartum Health Coach and Exercise Specialist, Doula, Body Ready Method Pro and Breastfeeding Specialist, it’s truly an honor to serve women in this capacity and be a part of shifting the paradigm that is desperately needed in the birth world.

Our purpose is to make sure mamas are:


Empowered through education and awareness of their choices and options during pregnancy and birth so they feel more prepared and not fearful. Education is key and birth can have better outcomes.


Supported and prepared physically + emotionally before and during labor to be able to have a more efficient birth. Preparing beforehand will only aid techniques and comfort measures used during labor, all of which stacks the cards in your favor for an optimal birth.


Aware of their resources postpartum, assisted with recovery to gain optimal strength + function and also provided with lactation education and support.

I felt more educated and prepared this go around because of the tips and techniques that Lauren provided me.

Taelor H.

Natural Birth