Nutrition for Pregnancy

Did you know that you can shape your baby’s taste buds? One of my nutrient packed faves for baby+me is a bowl of sauteed veggies and a salad. 3 things here:

*Pregnancy: Amniotic fluid can have flavor! Baby’s taste buds develop by 13th – 15th week of pregnancy. By repetitive exposure to a variety of foods through what we eat during pregnancy, it can predisposed our children to like more of a variety of foods as they get older.

*Postpartum: Same while breastfeeding! Did you know that your breast milk flavor can change especially if you’ve eaten strongly flavored foods like garlic for example. Possibly those different flavors can get baby ready for solids!

*Beyond: the likelihood of kiddos trying more foods, liking a variety of foods, and choosing healthier options as they get older are greater by you SHAPING THEIR TASTEBUDS earlier on. Kiddos also take to family habits so keep that healthy variety going!